Weekly Winners

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April Winners
WEEK 1 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Robottom Plastering
Ben Thurkettle Plastering
Preferred Plaster
Premier Ceilings
May Winners
WEEK 2 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Carval Interior Linings
Hunter Ceilings
Northcoast Roofshield
Raivan Interiors
Aberfoyle Interiors
Sam Denholm Plastering
Robbie Derham Plastering
Moreton Bay Plastering Services
T Whatley
WEEK 3 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Cbreeze Plaster Service
Overton Plaster
N Brampton
Bill Martin Plastering
Savco Plastering
WEEK 4 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
R Campbell
GJ Multiskill
Appealing Ceilings
SMD Plastering
Ginns & Savaro Plastering
J and K Ceilings
Alex Miller
Deadset Drywall 
Hynds Plastering
WEEK 5 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Brad Fitzgerald Plastering
Complete Linings
DP Ceiling Contractors
One Stop Plastering
M. Smith
June Winners
WEEK 6 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Wazzaas Plaster
Luke's Complete Plastering
Expoconti Pty Ltd
L Ciampa
New Generation Ceilings
Southern Cross Interior Plaster Pty Ltd
Hynds Plastering
MJS Plasterboard Contractors Pty Ltd
All Class Interiors
R&S Interiors
WEEK 7 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Abley's Premium Plastering
S. Biggs
AD & DR Plastering
WEEK 8 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Chris McKenzie Plastering
Jc Plasta
Get gyprocked
Hinton Linings
Shane Bradshaw Plasterboard
Gr & T Plasterers Pty Ltd
We Fix It
Chris McKenzie Plastering
WEEK 9 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Chisholm & Jones Plastering
Dream Linings
Wayne Smith Plastering
Madson Roofing
July Winners
WEEK 10 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Zac Norris Gyprock Plastering
Allscope Projects
Raymond Grezlo Plastering
RBH Plaster
James Packer Plastering
S&D Plastering
Nitro Ceilings
Articulate Ceilings
M. Cauchi
Matt Flower Plastering
WEEK 11 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
RD Plastering
Tommos Walls & Ceilings
Husten Ceilings
Murchison Organisation Pty Ltd
WEEK 12 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Michael Internal Lining 
Re:form Construction
Billie Vic Pty Ltd
Complete Linings
Mister Patchit Plastering
A. Khan
A. Leach
Kal Plaster
Central West Plastering
WEEK 13 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Wall To Wall
Concord Linings
Aberfoyle interiors
Dhi Plastering
Ben Grasso Plastering
August Winners
WEEK 14 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Platinum One Interiors
Prospectus Building
Skyerise Consultants
Dealing With Ceilings
Impact Plastering Co
James Coatings
Sheahan Plastering
Ceiling Force
Diverse Linings
WEEK 15 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
PRC Gyprock and Ceiling Systems
Gyptech Interior Linings
Horizon Ceilings
Kuoneng Fan and Julaiporn Fan
Sams Plasterboard Pty Ltd
WEEK 16 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Trent May Plastering
All Wright Plastering
Premium Plaster
ZJ Fixing
Junction Carpentry
Lamond Building Projects
Triple M Plaster
Adam Warne Plastering & Rendering
WEEK 17 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Rose Ceilings and Interiors
Impact Linings
Parker Perfect Plastering
Connor Plastering
WEEK 18 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Adelaide Partitions and Ceilings
DB Plastering
HJK Plastering
Devon Render
Langford Construction
Fresh Finish Plastering
Johnny Wall and Ceiling Lining Pty Ltd
Noosa Heads Plastering
A. Borodin
Revolution Plaster
September Winners
WEEK 19 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Adam Warne Plastering & Rendering
PRC Gyprock & Ceiling Systems
Trent Lye Gyprock-Plastering
LJ Plastering
Newstyle Walls and Ceilings
WEEK 20 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Goers Ceilings
4D Plaster
Founder Contration
K. Dielwart
Robert Plumb Fix
HTB Plastering
Walway Plastering
Kutting Edge Interiors
Shaddicks Walls and Ceilings
Aztec Interiors
WEEK 21 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Schofield Plastering
BHQ Plastering
Well Hung Plastering
Kok Choy Chow
WEEK 22 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Sleaford Group
Soundproofing Australia
SASE Building Services
Expressive Interior Finishes
RB Sargeant Building
Kemi Plastering
Dwyer Plaster
Thomas chambers plastering
Koala Property Maintenance
New Generation Ceilings
October Winners
WEEK 23 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
B. Volkmann
J. Holland
Aberfoyle interiors
L. Stoyanoff
WEEK 24 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Impact Linings
Wade Clark Plastering
T.B Plastering
Oneway Constructions
Scan Projects
FBH Maintenance
Stateline Ceilings
WEEK 25 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Platinum Plastering
J A Hay plasterer
Mark Woolage
Apex Projects Qld
Bridgehampton Plasterers
WEEK 26 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Advanced Garden Sheds
Piotto Interiors
East Plasterering
T&B Fedoro
Expoconti Pty Ltd
NJS Projects
Kutting Edge Interiors
JLS Property Services
DiAngel Constructions
WEEK 27 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Aurora Studio Design Practice
RJ Low
NJ Clearihan
MJS Plasterboard Contractors
November Winners
WEEK 28 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Rising Star
Amazing Interiors (VIC)
East Plastering
Clarke Plastering Services
Southern Cross Gyprocking
G&M Innovations
Nalebirch Partitions
WEEK 29 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Perry Plasterboard
James Packer Plastering
Sheriff Ceilings
Peter Hunt Plastering
Wilkinson Plaster Pty Ltd
WEEK 30 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
A1 Marks Ceilings and Walls
Matt Keegan Plastering
J & M Antonacci
Ryan jones
Grazules & Wells Plastering
W L Edwards Plastering
George Chippi Plasterer
Just Interiors
WEEK 31 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Sam The Small Jobs Handyman
Soundproofing Australia
Berwick Ceilings
Addicted to Plastering
Brendan Smith Plastering
December Winners
WEEK 32 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
Master Craft Building & Dev
Plasterstud Interiors
GD & JA Stevens
Robbo Interiors
FA Plastering
Shaddicks Walls & Ceilings
Shane Dickinson
Bridgehampton Plasterers
H.E. Sugars & Son
Zac Coloe Plastering
WEEK 33 | $150 Mate's Date Winners
Troy McKenna
Perthect Ceilings and Walls
Chris Can Plaster
W&M Martin Plasterers
WEEK 34 | $75 Prize Draw Winners
CJF Constructions
G. Potter
Zorro Plastering
Mick's Plastering
I. Day
Hi Spec Ceiling Repairs
Plasterstud Interior
Get Gyprocked
Robert Bradley Plastering Services